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One great thought can get a company. PLUS was initially the name of my company. I marketed money in the mortgage business, and I believed I had a good thing going. Then along came restrictions, licensing needs, and web marketing. I understood I had some thing more to provide, therefore I kept looking.
make money plus its LSI

When I acquired an invitation from friend and co-broker Jan Verhoeff to affix her internet business, I thought she was likely nuts. I even accused her of dropping her marbles from drinking too much espresso at the Coffee Clatter! I had started down a road that could lead immediately to success!

make money plus its LSI

I really hate it when I have to admit she is right!

PLUS could be Make Money On The Internet. I really could share the secret of how Jani instructed me to earn money selling my 'things' on and I certainly had enough market to sell. I sold another book the next week, plus I was off on a tangent.

Looming near the madness label myself, I spent a thousand with still another on-line marketer and viewed my thousand dollars evaporate to the universe without a hint. But I'd an idea. I called Jani and advised her I had been coming to Lamar.

You have to understand, Lamar is only a little burg on the south phase of the Arkansas River in the Colorado aspect of the Kansas edge. When you mention Kansas to these peoples out there, you are liable to decrease toes! They do not want to be called living in Kansas, even if it is prairie.

I went to see Jani. She had a plan and she started giving me orders. I'm great at taking orders.

Well, okay... I strive hard to be helpful at getting orders!

When she told me to compose posts, I almost wet my trousers, "Jani, I can't compose! You compose! I just speak."

Subsequently she said the actual amazing deal. I really don't need to compose. I can just write down what I say when I am discussing. Or I could record everything and another person can write it down.